Frequently Asked Questions


What is IMPACT in Healthcare?
IMPACT in Healthcare is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that advocates for ALL healthcare workers and patients. IMPACT’s goals are to provide healthcare workers with tools to shape their work environment and ensure workers are empowered to advocate for safe patient care. 

BUT what does IMPACT in Healthcare actually DO?
IMPACT in Healthcare has a long list of committees based on healthcare profession and grassroots issues. These committees meet monthly to discuss issues affecting that group, remedies to the issues, and form an action campaign 
The leaders of these committees meet directly with the working Board of Directors monthly. Together, we strategize how to implement the education campaigns and action items as proposed by the members. 
IMPACT in Healthcare then communicates these campaigns to all the other department leaders, where these members will support, raise awareness, and participate in the campaign. 

What is the point of these campaigns?
Together we are strong. Healthcare workers currently have several professional organizations representing individual job titles and grassroots issues, but no organization supporting ALL healthcare workers AND patients.
Many of our issues are related and intertwined. IMPACT in Healthcare’s campaigns bring EVERYONE together, to raise awareness and rally support for issues affecting all of us. 

What is an example of a campaign and action item IMPACT has designed?
In December 2021, IMPACT in Healthcare met with our Department Chairs to discuss issues urgent to their members. Staffing was brought up several times by the Department Chairs. IMPACT created an educational campaign based on unsafe staffing and how it relates to a our group of interdisciplinary healthcare professionals.

The action item was formed and released January 25, 2022 by IMPACT in Healthcare in partnership with Nurse Blake. 
For our action item, we choose to write and realize a petition to The Joint Commission to require safe staffing ratios for organizations seeking accreditation and certification. This petition can be found here:

How do I join a Department?
These departments are open to admission through our slack channel

Step 1:
Go to:
and fill out the form.

Step 2:
Enter your “Profession” and add any grassroots groups you’d like to join under “areas of interest” .

Step 3:
Watch your email for an invite from “Slack.” Remember to check your junk/spam mailbox if you don't see the invite.

Step 4:
Click the link in the email and follow the instructions to register for and download slack. Once you're up and running, add your username and pronouns to your profile, and introduce yourself in the #introductions channel.

Step 5:
Look in the #how-to-join-a-department channel for the pinned list of departments and contacts, and DM (direct message) the listed leader to be added to the department.

Please DM Abby (she/hers) if you would like to lead a group that doesn’t exist yet

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