Our Future Plans

We have big goals for the future

  • Expand our critical educational resources
  • Accelerate our direct advocacy work, by forming campaigns to fill the needs of ALL healthcare workers and patients by listening to their direct concerns.
  • Boost our advocating efforts for patients: to access affordable, equitable care, including systemic education and direct action against disparities and barriers to care
  • Amplify for Healthcare workers: safe staffing, safe workplaces, and healthcare workers’ rights, wellbeing, and ability to provide high quality care.
  • Hire educators to address our large, underlying drivers of inequity and inefficiency, and to empower healthcare workers/patients to directly advocate for themselves.
  • Unite patients and healthcare workers of all levels, specialties, departments, ages, genders, nationalities, passions, politics, and creeds.
  • Connect workers with diverse backgrounds to create an environment in which we are all safe, valued, and respected to collaboratively solve worker and patient barriers to care.
  • Bring healthcare workers together to transform healthcare into a system that prioritizes patients and workers
  • Catalogue worker and patient experiences with the healthcare system, and work to alleviate their burdens with kindness, sensitivity, and respect
  • Continue creating partnerships and collaborations with other advocacy non-profit organizations
  • Apply for 501(c)(4) tax status by January 2023
  • Develop and implement a political strategy team
  • Gain and maintaining positive ties with legislative agencies
  • Solidify a communication team which tracks bills, laws and other rules to ensure that IMPACT in Healthcare is knowledgeable about current legislation
  • Create a communication team to lobby for favorable operating conditions from the government

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