How to IMPACT Healthcare

The Problem: The US healthcare system currently employs 22 million healthcare workers (ACS, 2019.) These workers are fragmented into countless small, specialty based associations & organizations that advocate for individual groups, and fail to recognize our common needs. There is a paucity of interdisciplinary associations  serving ALL healthcare workers and patients alike, and professional organizations have several layers of bureaucracy between leaders and bedside workers. Through the pandemic, healthcare workers have been increasingly interested in advocacy, policy change, and organizing.

The Solution:
IMPACT in Healthcare strives to fill this gap by serving as an interdisciplinary organization that serves ALL healthcare workers and patients by listening to their direct needs. Our education, advocacy, and actions are informed by the on-the-ground experiences of the workers and patients that fill our ranks.

Graphic showing how members communicate with department leaders who communicate with founders

IMPACT in Healthcare holds monthly meetings in each department. The designated department leaders then meet with the Founders. The concerns/solutions affecting bedside staff are communicated to the Founders for planning of campaigns. We have intentionally created a direct line of communication from the bedside staff, to the decision makers.

Graphic showing how IMPACT and members work together

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