Who are we?

We are healthcare workers who no longer accept the failures of our current healthcare system

A system that benefits the powerful while failing the patients it is intended to serve

The United States experiences the highest healthcare costs in the world, compared to other high-income countries. Yet despite these costs, we have some of the worst healthcare outcomes and the greatest disparities and inequalities. Medical debt is the leading contributor to bankruptcy in America.

It does not have to be this way.

IMPACT is a diverse group of healthcare workers of all disciplines who believe it’s time to prioritize people over profit. We’re ready to carefully and intentionally dismantle the current system and build a sustainable one that does not bankrupt patients but instead provides accessible, equitable, and high-quality care for all. In this new system, all healthcare workers, especially those traditionally left out of the conversation, will feel empowered to advocate for their patients as well as themselves. 

We also welcome the perspective and insights of our non-medical allies; we recognize that we are all patients, and these issues intrinsically affect us all

It's time for change
We're building a better system for ALL patients and HCWs