IMPACTs Policy Stances

Because IMPACT is committed to addressing the underlying drivers of inequity and inefficiency in healthcare, our actions will be inherently tied to, and informed by, issues outside the direct healthcare sphere. IMPACT is deliberately intersectional, and believes these stances are essential to equitably promoting our principles of sustainable, accessible, and just healthcare.


IMPACT is pro-labor and pro-union. We believe that the voices and needs of workers should determine workers rights. This means we support healthcare workers' right to organize and unionize for fair wages, safe working conditions and protection from retaliation. We support all healthcare workers regardless of profession, and regardless of their union status.

Political Affiliation

As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, we are not affiliated with any political party, candidate or political platform. All donations received from individuals or outside organizations will have no bearing on the mission, campaigns, or decisions set forth by IMPACT.

Race and White Supremacy

IMPACT is an actively anti-racist organization. We recognize the role the medical profession has had in perpetuating and upholding white supremacist ideas and actions, and how the healthcare system has systemically harmed communities of color. We vehemently oppose the perpetuation of these racist systems, and recognize the implicit bias that has continued to exist between provider, patient and colleagues. As an organization, we strive to be anti-racist in every discussion, meeting, and campaign. We recognize the health disparities that affect communities of color and actively strive to educate the public on these issues, and to bring resources to reduce these disparities. We acknowledge we are imperfect, and continue to seek to promote voices of color to address these issues and promote healing in our communities. 

Environmental Justice

The environment has a strong impact on the physical health of communities and individuals, and as such, IMPACT prioritizes environmental justice and sustainable efforts to fight climate change. The Department of Energy defines environmental justice as “the fair treatment and meaningful involvement of all people, regardless of race, color, national origin, or income, with respect to the development, implementation, and enforcement of environmental laws, regulations, and policies.”  We cannot advocate for the health of individuals without advocating for the health of our environment. 

Healthcare for All

IMPACT supports universal healthcare for all. Healthcare is a human right, and medical debt or inability to pay should not prevent anyone from receiving timely and quality healthcare. This includes affordable access to hospitals, providers, and medications that do not threaten one’s livelihood, housing, or assets.


IMPACT is comprised of both members of the LGBTQIA2+ community and allies. All individuals should have access to healthcare that supports their expression and well-being. At IMPACT we support a person’s authentic expression of their identity and denounce misgendering, homophobic speech and acts, and any form of hate.


IMPACT does not prescribe to the “traditional” idea of professionalism. The current standard for “professionalism” reinforces white, male, cisgender standards which reinforce harmful stereotypes on acceptability and white supremacy, sexism, classism, and transphobia. We believe individuals determine their ideal of professionalism through individual authenticity and demonstrating their work within their field. 

Reproductive Health

IMPACT believes in bodily autonomy of all persons to receive healthcare that supports their choice of reproductive decisions. We support Roe v. Wade and all forms of family planning. Healthcare providers should never be entitled to refuse or restrict medical care to any patient based on their sexuality, gender, race or any other expression of an individual's identity or background. We advocate for comprehensive, evidence-based, inclusive sexual education for all persons and decry moralistic and “abstinence only” agendas. We also recognize the intersectional disparities experienced by birthing people who are BIPOC, LGBTQIA2+, and of other health or social minorities, and advocate for reproductive justice in these marginalized communities.

Policing and Criminal Justice

IMPACT recognizes the current and historical intersection of healthcare and policing/criminal justice. We also recognize the impact that our penal system has on the social trajectory and health of persons who have been incarcerated. We advocate for equitable and non-discriminatory care for all persons within the criminal justice system, and advocate for reforms to the penal system that prioritize the health, wellbeing, safety, and social advancement of all persons.

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