Interdisciplinary Medical & Patient Alliance for Care Transformation

Our Mission

To advocate for patients’ ability to access affordable, equitable care, including systemic education and direct action against disparities and barriers to care;

Additionally to advocate for safe staffing, safe workplaces, and healthcare workers’ rights, wellbeing, and ability to provide high quality care. 

We commit to address our large, underlying drivers of inequity and inefficiency, and to empower you to directly advocate for yourself, your patients, and your situation.

Our Goals

Our Values


We influence health policy to ensure the concerns of workers and patients are prioritized.


We unite workers with diverse backgrounds to create an environment in which we are all safe, valued, and respected to collaboratively solve worker and patient barriers to care.


We catalogue worker and patient experiences with the healthcare system, and work to alleviate their burdens with kindness, sensitivity, and respect


We bring together healthcare workers to transform healthcare into a system that prioritizes patients and workers

It's time for change
We're building a better system for ALL patients and HCWs