We are stronger together

We can't build this movement and make real change alone.
IMPACT is working within the framework of a volunteer-based nonprofit organization to advocate and educate for meaningful, long-term healthcare reform. 

IMPACT Departments

IMPACT operates on the principal that if all disciplines work together on common goals, our power to enact change is greater.

Departments within IMPACT are based on discipline (Nursing, Physician, PCT, RT, PT, OT, EMS, residents, students, etc.) that will each be led by a small number of chairpeople.

Each department will meet regularly to raise and discuss specific needs, concerns and suggestions to shape and inform IMPACT's ongoing action-oriented campaigns. As a department member you will have the opportunity to join these meetings and ensure that your concerns and action items are relayed and fed into the organization's higher level goals.

Join a department

Don't see a department listed that applies to you?

If you don't see a department listed that applies to you and your profession, get in touch! You can suggest a new department, and if you're interested in leading a new department, let's talk.
Reach out to: hello@impactinhealthcare.org.

It's time for change
We're building a better system for ALL patients and HCWs